Advantages of Timetable Management System in School ERP

Out of the several modules in School Management System, the most used feature is the time table management system. It helps the teachers at educational institutions to create time table automatically or through interactive steps. After entering the necessary details in the School management Software the time table will be generated and can be tested for errors. It is also possible to make substitution timetable whenever necessary using this software. The following are the major benefits of Time Table management System in School Management Software.

In traditional timetable management system several set of papers are needed which includes the leave schedule of teachers and other details. Referring to a small information will take time as checking of many papers is needed. As far as timetable management software is concerned sorting based on several parameters is possible.

In the case of time table management software it is easy to find out the details regarding substitutions done when a teacher was on leave. This helps in calculating the individual leave and working hour details for each teacher. generation of reports takes negligible time in the case of School Management system whereas traditional report preparation takes considerable time.

Payroll management is easy in the case of time table management software as generating report for monthly working hours can be made with the help of time table software. Details of leave taken and working hours related to a specific employee can easily generated with the help of School management System. Calculations related to previous months is also possible with this automated system.



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