Advantages of Library Automation in Educational Institutions

Improvement of Customer Service
There are several activities in managing library like acquisitions, cataloging and circulation of books. Through automation of library operations through software it is possible to reduce the work load of librarian and other staff members.  The hours that is saved through the automation can be utilized for other activities in the library for helping to reference for research.

Improvement of Cataloging
machine readable cataloging service can improve the quality of cataloging to a higher extend. This can also help in sharing of resources much easier.

Improvement of Accessibility
Automations of materials in the library like books and journals makes the accessibility of information easy. Along with finding books it also becomes easy for booking in advance for reading reference books.

Improving Collection
Automation of library books helps in knowing about the amount of books available on each category which can be used for improving the collection of books. It can also be set as a standard for finding out which books are having high demands.