Advantages of Group Discussion Method in School


Advantages of Group Discussion Method in School

Group Discussion is a significant part of the learner-centered approach to learning. Here are some of the main advantages of incorporating the group discussion method in schools.

Improve attention span

Group discussion can be used as an effective tool in increasing the attention span. Listening to various perspectives on the same topic makes group discussion a more effective and engaging form of learning. Lecturing combined with discussions helps improve the attention span of students in a positive way. Group discussions pave the way for fruitful discussions of academic topics with a lot of curious questions and innovative ideas.

Enhance speaking skills 

Group discussions can be considered an activity to enhance the communication skills of students. Sharing their ideas and thoughts with their classmates and friends gives them a greater sense of self-confidence in their public speaking skills. Students’ public speaking skills are honed when group discussions are conducted regularly. Group Discussion can encourage the students to interact with each other more clearly by asking questions and speaking out opinions. This helps in active participation and involvement of students in such group activities.

Get accurate feedback from students

Classroom group discussions are a great way to analyze students’ knowledge, interests, and ideas on different topics. Furthermore, it gives instructors a chance to identify the mistaken ideas perceived by students. Such interaction between students and teachers will create a healthier environment in the classroom. 

Evoke interest in the subjects

With active group discussions, students get a chance to interact with their peers in a way that enriches their interests in the subjects. It makes them think deeply and present out-of-the-box thoughts they might have on the topics. Getting involved in group discussions will help them to get a clearer picture of the topic thus making the subject more interesting.

Better classroom environment

Teachers can easily monitor whether a student is attentive to the class or not. Moreover, students will naturally do some research and preparations for the group discussion before they attend the classes. By doing so, both students and teachers will benefit, and a better learning environment will be created. During Group Discussion teachers can show importance of topic by asking questions and align the thoughts of students into the topic. Asking students questions also helps students to prepare well before the group discussion process.


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