Advantages of Google Adwords Advertising

Search Engine Marketing mainly consists of Google Adwords Advertising and Organic Search Engine Optimization. The following are the advantages of Google Adwords Advertising over SEO.

Website Design
Most of the websites that is doing well on Google Adwords doesn’t need design and layout changes. Website Design factors like Responsive Website Design can play vital role in the case of SEO whereas PPC requires minimal effort.

Instant Website Traffic
The number of visitors will start flowing once the website has been enabled on Google Adwords. In the case of SEO the time taken for getting the visitors will be more and no one can guarantee number one ranking.

Pay Per Click
Only the number of visits coming to the website through Adwords need to be paid. For the non clicked impressions it is not required to pay for the advertisement. In the case of SEO clicks can not be predicted.

Keyword Targeting
The targeting keywords can be controlled by Google Adwords through the website. In the case of SEO it is not possible to control for what keywords will lead to the display of the website URL. There are chances of the website getting listed for un relevant keywords.

Tracking and Adjustment
Depending upon the data and figures obtained through campaigns, it is possible to adjust the bidding in real time. In the case of SEO the results can be achieved after some months.

Landing Page
In the case of Google Adwords what web pages should be visible after clicking the ad can be controlled. This landing page design can be used in guiding the customers towards the goal. In the case of SEO visitors may arrive at the website depending upon the available pages in Google Index.

Region Targeting
The countries and regions at which the ads will be displayed can be controlled through Google Adwords. In the case of SEO ranking high for websites on Search Engine Result Page for competitive keywords will be difficult.

Budget Control
The cost per click and budget can be controlled through Google Adwords and the period for which the Adword campaign will run also can be controlled. The Google Adword campaign can be paused and started again depending upon the requirement.

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