Advantages of Disadvantages of Micro Learning

The learning scenario has changed a lot in the recent years and E learning has become popular in many areas. Along with E Learning Microlearning is also gaining importance. It is a typical short term learning method adopted by educational institutions and corporate organizations. This concept was developed because of the shortening of attention span for lesser length. As the uninterrupted attention of most new generation people are less short term courses are good for learning purpose.  Much amount of innovation is needed for microlearning as this is a new method of learning.

The method of making education more interesting to students involves the following methods
Conducting quizzes on a weekly basis, allowing students to use gadgets in the class room,
encouraging special interests of students and conducting group discussions regularly are some of the methods in this method to make learning more interesting.

Micro learning is easy compared to other forms of learning. This helps students grasp contents easily on daily basis. The syllabus of the course will be divided into tiny modules which are easy to learn one at a time. Students can learn different sections of the course separately. The amount of information retained will be much more in micro learning than the syllabus as a whole.

Micro learning offers the flexibility to complete the course online through online classes, social media and other online media. While at home or traveling the micro learning course can be read and attended in small modules. With the incorporation of various other media including presentations, videos and audio clips makes it more interesting to the students.

It is having certain disadvantages also. It will be more difficult to teach a lot of subjects at a time through micro learning. It will also not be possible to teach a topic at one go. Within a single class session it will not be able to complete an entire topic. As less concentration is needed for learning there is possibility of not paying attention of subject by the students.

Formal atmosphere for learning might not be present while taking the class and this will cause distractions while attending the course.  Even Though there are certain advantages of micro learning the advantages are more compared to disadvantages.