Advantages of Digital Literacy in Education

Most of us already aware of the advantages of using digital medium in education. There are numerous benefits students can get through digital medium. Same is the case with the impact of digital literacy among teachers. Digital Literacy does not mean those technology which can be used for teaching students alone. Digital Technology helps teachers run class smoothly as well as acquiring necessary skills for educating the future generation

Teachers should see digital technology as a medium for learning something new. It is not necessary to be an expert in digital media at first, but see it as a continuous process of learning. This will happen only when the educational institution itself supports learning atmosphere for teachers inside and outside campus. Only when teachers are given time and freedom this can happen but the use of digital medium also need to be monitored for over use.

Teachers should try learning through new mediums and think outside their comfort zone for trying something new. Most of the learning can get help through videos and tutorials available online. Only when teachers take the digital media learning process as a challenge results will be obtained.  It should also be taken care that the learning process is not limited inside the classroom alone.

Teachers should also allow students learn themselves instead of helping them for all their doubts. This can make the students explore other possibilities and learn quickly.

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