Advantages and Benefits of Mobile Learning Strategy

Our lives have transformed into a world where we can learn anywhere with a mobile device and internet access. Mobile learning refers to teaching and learning using mobile devices and platforms.

No matter if we are talking about performance support or collaborative eLearning, mobile learning is an ideal solution. With mobile learning, learners can engage and collaborate in a robust online learning community more easily.

What is Mobile Learning?

The concept of mobile learning, or m-learning, is the use of any mobile device with a wireless connection for learning and teaching. This can include smartphones, PDAs, tablets, PocketPCs, etc. Mobile learning content comes in many forms, from podcasts to videos to apps to quizzes. More personalized learning experience can be given as part of Mobile Learning. Some learners prefer reading while some learners like to watch videos. There are specially designed mobile games used for educating students. Through these various types of content formats it is possible to give personalized learning experience. Mobile learning gives the opportunity to continue learning even when offline as there are options to store the content within some of the learning apps.

Let’s examine what mobile learning has to offer

Advantages of mobile learning

Access from anywhere

Access to the courses anywhere and from various devices is one of the main benefits of mobile learning. Accessing learning materials anywhere gives students the flexibility to learn when it suits them. A student can learn anywhere and at any time without being confined to a classroom or schedule. They can access course materials, take exams, or go through course materials at their convenience. Content is often available both online and offline.

Multi-device support

Mobile learning environments offer the benefit of allowing the same courses to be accessed by several devices, including computers, smartphones, laptops, and tablets. It doesn’t matter what brand of laptops or operating systems or devices users have, they can use whatever they have and get access instantly.

Improves Knowledge Retention

Through bite-sized and concise content, m-learning platforms offer learners great flexibility in starting and completing courses as per their schedules, which results in higher retention rates. It can be overwhelming to learn a lot, which results in retaining less information. Data that is crisp and concise, and that is relevant and relatable, is more likely to be remembered by learners. With mobile learning, information is provided in smaller chunks, which helps the learner retain it longer.

Collaborative learning

Another advantage of mobile learning is that it makes collaboration easier. With mobile learning, students can access information and learning materials anytime and anywhere. As students share their knowledge on mobile devices and social networks, mobile learning encourages instructors and students to engage in collaborative learning. In addition to being able to meet and discuss issues online, learning communities can be created that require less commitment than those on campus.

Cost-effective learning

The bottom line should not be overlooked- affordability! It eliminates the need for expensive tech labs since learners use their own devices for training. The long-term cost-effectiveness of mobile learning has sometimes been questioned because it appears to be a significant investment. You will have access to information 24/7 and it’s always there.

Why should companies leverage the benefits of mobile learning?

Successful training initiatives are essential for a successful workforce. The growing use of mobile devices presents companies with a great opportunity. It can be challenging to ensure all employees are available at the same time, requiring an employer to schedule multiple in-person meetings even with one office full of employees. Taking advantage of mobile learning benefits will allow your team to reach its full potential, so make sure you take advantage of them.

A mobile learning platform can provide employees with personalized training. With an integrated LMS and mobile learning app, it’s possible to provide your employees with valuable and comprehensive training at any time.


Education’s ‘mobile learning’ trend fits into the present-day education system. Mobile learning and e-learning are not going anywhere anytime soon, so the education sector can ignore them. Training in a shorter amount of time, reducing costs, increasing engagement, and increasing productivity are just some of the benefits of mobile learning. Customized mobile learning apps and LMS can help your business reap the benefits of well-trained employees by offering your teams the best learning experience possible.