Advantages and Benefits of Mobile Learning Strategy

There are several disadvantages of Mobiles in daily use. But the advantages of having mobile in education sector have more advantages than disadvantages. The following are some of the major advantages of Mobiles in Education.

As the screen size of the mobile devices are small and the courses can be accessed through shorter modules it is easy to create short lessons on specific topic. This eventually helps the reader to retain the information in their brain. Learning through mobile helps to gather information as short bit sized chunks which is easy to remember.


As most of the users of mobile phones use it as a tool for gaming the method of game based learning is highly effective. Trainings given as short game based learning modules can help the employees learn better during their free hours.

More personalised learning experience can be given as part of Mobile Learning. Some learners prefer reading while some learners like to watch videos. Through these type of customizations it is possible to give Personalized Learning Experience.

Mobile learning gives the opportunity to continue learning even when offline. It can also be browsed outside the office and on the go. Reference can also be made about the content if internet connection is available.

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