Advanced Google Search Tips and Tricks

Most of the people uses Google several times a day. Only a few people uses the advanced search feature on google for finding information they need. The following tips will help to conduct search through Google in a more efficient way.

Explicit Phrase Search
If the information is needed only about a particular keyword adding double quotes will display explicit phrase search results.
Eg :”Search Term”

Excluding Keywords
If a particular keyword phrase is searched and you does not want a term to be occurring in the search result it can be searched with a – sign in the search box.
Eg : Search Term – Keyword

OR Function
While looking for any one of the keywords it is desirable to add OR inside the search for conducting the search.
Eg : Keyword1 OR Keyword2

Words Search
If you are looking for the words in text of the web page it is advisable to add allintext before the search term.
Eg : allintext:keyword

Words in URL
If the searching keyword is in the url of the web page it is advisable to search with allinurl: before the keyword.
Eg : allinurl:keyword

Words in Title
If the searchable keyword is in the titlle of the web page it is advisable to add allintitle: befor ethe search term
Eg : allintext: Keyword

Searching within a Web page
For websites that does not have a built in search it is advisable to add site: and url of the web page to search inside the search box.
Eg : “Keyword”

Related Search
If a search term related to a particular keyword is to be searched it is advisable to ise related: before the keyword.
Eg : related:keyword

Links to Another Page
For finding out what all web pages links to a website it is advisable to add link: before the search term.
Eg : link:domainname

Similar Word Search
for including similar words in search along with the keywords provided it is advisable to use the search operator ~ in the search box.
Eg : “Keyword1” ~Keyword2

Find Definitions
If you want to find the definition of a particular keyword you can use define: before the search term to find the meaning of the word.
Eg :define:keyword

Find Missing Keywords
If you want to find a missing keyword from a phrase * can be added in between to find the missing word.
Eg : keyword1 * keyword2

News at Specific Locations
for searching news at a particular location it is advisable to add location: before the search term
Eg : keyword location:place name

Specific Files
While searching for specific filetypes like pdf and ppt it is advisable to add fuiletype: before extension in the search box.
Eg : keyword filetype:ppt

For doing arithmetic calculations the expression can be typed in the search box to find out te results on Google.
Eg :  9876543210- 123456789 * 777 =

For looking at the weather information it is easy to do it by adding weather before the place name. Similarly Sunset and Sunrise can be calculated using sunset and sunrise along with place name.
Eg : Weather Place Name

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