Accelerated Mobile Pages and Search Engine Optimization

The way in which people are accessing information has been revolutionised by mobile devices. Website publishers now use the medium of mobile devices to convey content to the audience through responsive web design. But if the web page is taking too much time to load the users who access the information will bounce back and the chance of getting leads become less.

Search Engine giant Google has recently announced an open source project called Accelerated Mobile Pages which is intended to make the mobile browsing an easy experience. Through this project web pages with heavy content containing images videos and ads load quickly on mobile devices. This user experience will be similar across smartphones tablets and laptops. Google News Twitter Pinterest WordPress etc will be using Accelerated Mobile Pages for delivering content to the audience.

The AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages will help in building more feature to the web pages loading on mobile devices. The content which will be displayed on mobile devices will be having high resolution images and videos along with visualizing in different ways. Sharing information across continents can also be achieved through AMP technologies. Distribution of content in different countries will become easier with AMO Technologies.