5 Best Android Apps for Students

With the advent of technology most of the students have access to android applications. It is also known from various sources that students use different kind of phone and other gadgets for accessing information online. There are many applications available in the market and the following five are top among these which can be used by students on their mobile phones.

This application will let you create notes, checklists and do research. It is having an uncluttered workspace. External files like office docs and pdf can be attached with this app. Photos also can be added and search function provides finding easy. Chatting with contacts an working together is also possible with Evernote App.

This popular platform have access to information from Mathematics like Algebra Geometry etc, from Statistics like distributions probability etc., from Physics like Optics thermodynamics etc., from Chemistry like Elements Reactions etc. , from Materials like Alloys Minerals etc., from Engineering like Fluid Mechanics Refrigeration etc., from Astronomy like Planets Comets etc. , from Life Sciences like Animals Plants etc.

This tool is used for automating citations, reference lists and bibliographies, on mobile and web. Adding notes to the citations, exporting through email, adding citations in the form of photos from camera etc are possible with this app.

myHomework Student Planner
This app can be used for organizing homework and as a student planner. Class Schedule can be prepared with this app. It is also possible to create homework calendar and syncing with setting reminders is also possible with myHomework Student Planner

with this app one can turn off the phone in class. It will also remind you about pending homework and saving notes. The building name and location of the class can be set through map.